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Butterfly release

Butterfly release
15 to 100 butterflies: $6.50 per butterfly
101 to 500 butterflies: $6 per butterfly
500 butterflies and over: $5 per butterfly
For schools, educational facilities and charities: $5 per butterfly (minimum purchase of 50 butterflies)


Caterpillar rearing

Beginner: individual caterpillar
Price: $3 per unit for 15 or more.
Each caterpillar is in an individual container with a soya flour based food mix.


Intermediate Project: grouped caterpillars
Price: 36 caterpillars for $81.00.
The caterpillars are all placed in the same container. You must place the caterpillars yourself in individual containers that are provided with the purchase. Be advised that Mr. Papillon can not guarantee your work. $2.25 for each additionnal caterpillar.


Following the beginner or intermediate project, it is possible for you to make the butterflies you raised lay eggs and produce a second and third generation. The fact that you get the caterpillars as soon as the month of April will allow you to share the second generation with the rest of the school before the end of classes. Mr. Papillon sells basic food necessary for the growth of the caterpillars (second generation) for $1.25 per caterpillar.

Flight cages

IMPORTANT : The flight cages are available for shipping ONLY upon purchase of butterflies or caterpillars
Flight cages - Cube 12"
$16.00 per cage

Flight cages - 17"x17"x17"
$24.00 per cage

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